Michio Fukuzawa has continued to express Japanese traditional beauties and the mysterious oriental world by filtering through his own sensibilities. In the Japanese aesthetic world, there exist a long tradition of art expressions like Noh and Buddhist images. They are filled with tensions and a level of quality being sharpened by the great amount of time and history. And universal beauties have been successively passed over to the present. Before the war, when Japan was in the midst of militarism, boys were expected to answer that they would be the general of an army or navy when they were asked their dream. But Fukuzawa had dreamed of being a painter. As long as he is born in the world, he thought, he wished to leave his name in the history to take an important role for the culture of human kind. He devoted himself with making sketches day after day. He went to several art schools over ten years to study art thoroughly. After that, until his retirement, he guided many students as an educator in the field of art. At present, he still explores the world of the Oriental beauty as his lifetime work. Employing oils, which are the most western style of painting materials, he challenges to appeal to the world for the mentality or identities of the Japanese people. And that is the mission given to him as a painter.

洋画家 福澤 猷男