阿修羅.jpgThe latest Ashura F50

International Exhibition, Rome, Vatican Art Award (2003)
Costanta de Medici Art Accolade Award (2003)
Leonardo da Vinci International Art Award
Raphael Best Award
Saint Andrews Best Art Award
Best Art Award of Jury at “Exhibition of the Beauty Miracle” in Florence
Double winning of Best Awards by Italian Authority (Contemporary Exposition of Italian and Japanese Great Artists )
Winning of Arte Grand Prix (Global Earth Festival)
Farnese Comune Art Society Award
International Art Atlas, International Award in Venice
New York International Painter’s Award (1999)
New York Manhattan Best Art Award (2001)
Gandhi Peace Merit Award
Gandhi Bronze Statute (2002 International Peace Art Exhibition, Joint Exhibition with Japan and India)
Carrousel de Louvre, Grand Prix at “Exhibition of Beauty Revolution” in Louvre Museum
Winner of Meilleur, Excellent
Double winning of Lautrec Art Award and Millie Pirenne Art Award
Award of Palais des Congres Award
Ecole Francaise Grand Prix (chantey (Art Exhibition from 40 Countries at Chateau de Chantilly)
Appointed as the 20th Century of Art Property (Société des Artistes Français)
Paris Peace Art Grand Prix
Anpei Minakami, Paris Grand Prix
Montmartre Art Grand Prix
Successive winning to Le Salon (2003 and 2004)
Top Award “Louvre Folk” as a Japanese painter (Louvre Academy)
State Tretyakov Gallery Award (Contemporary Exposition of Russian and Japanese Arts '98)
St. Petersburg Association of Artists Award
Award by St. Petersburg Cultural Committee
2004 “Art Olympic Award of Apollon” (Greek Government)
Special Prize to mark the 70th anniversary on the opening of the National Palace Museum
Beijing ’98, Grand Prix of China-Japan Peace Art Award
Special Award for the 20th anniversary of the cultural exchange between China and Japan. (National Palace Museum 2000)
International Award for cultural merit (Guilin Government in China)
Johann Sebastian Bach, Art Grand Prix (His work was collected in the Bach CD-ROM)
National Museum of Ethnology Honorary Award for Painters (Contemporary Art Exhibition)
Appointed as Ukraine Art Property, Nagrada Award
Art Medal by the King of Thailand (2001)
Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsavali Art Medal
Certified Artist by Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsavali for Cultural Contribution (2002)
Certified Artist by Silpakorn University of Thailand for cultural contribution (2002)
Belgian International Artist Award, Taiwan Government Cultural Award (Asia Art Festival)
Honorary Award for Japan-Korea Cultural Ambassador (1999 Japan-Korea Art Exhibition for International Exchange
Best Award of Fine Art for the 150th anniversary on the birth of Antonio Gaudi
Special Prize on Recognition of International Cultural Exchange for Salvador Dali Art Medal
Official Memorial Medal of International Art Selection Committee
The Infinity of Todai-ji Temple (Houoh Prize), Best Honorary Award of the Japanese Federation of Artists
Special Award in Recognition of 1999 International cultural Exhange, Association International des Critiques d'Art